Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Last stop on our US trip - Hawaii.  Well, really only Waikiki.  I wanted a break somewhere sunny and relaxing on the way home (plus any break up in the plane trip was good news to me by this point), and Hawaii is really the only logical spot.  We settled on Waikiki just because it was close to the airport and we figured it was the first step to seeing Hawaii.  I never said we were creative.. 

Waikiki is definitely pretty.  The water is crystal clear and warm (and you can go out hundreds of metres and feel totally safe) and the surrounding landscape is beautiful - but apart from that it's pretty much Surfer's Paradise.  It was fine for 4 nights as a stop over and we had plenty of fun drinking way too many cocktails and Duke's (5 words - fish tacos and waffle fries), but I wouldn't really go back.  It did however make me desperately want to go back and see some of the other islands.  I can only imagine how gorgeous they are.

The other amazing thing about Waikiki were the locals.  Every single one we met, from our driver (Tony's transportation!  He was hilarious but I can't find any number.. ), to the waiting staff and the shop assistants were absolutely beautiful, warm, friendly people.

Sadly apart from staff most of the people in Waikiki were tourists (Aussies or Japanese). We would have loved to get out of the city and meet more of the locals, but this was the end of our trip and we honestly just couldn't be bothered.  We pledged to return instead.. 

Pretty cute shopping centre!

We stayed at the Outrigger Waikiki on the beach and yes, we paid a fair bit extra for that 'partial ocean view' room.  So incredibly not worth it.  The room was OK, pretty basic, but clean and the bed was comfortable. Duke's was underneath our hotel which was a definitely perk.  If I return I'll definitely be at the Moana Surfrider which was 2 doors down.  If I hadn't prepaid everything I would've moved... 

Walked the shops, drank cocktails, eat and lay on the beach is pretty much all we did.

Perfect water.. 

Half way through our walk to the Ala Moana shopping centre.  Worth a look I guess, but didn't buy too much.

I really was over photos by this stage so I seem to have not taken photos of anything we actually did.  

I won't lie, it is pretty.

So who else has been to Hawaii and where should I stay/eat/play on my return?


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