Saturday, July 26, 2014


Good Morning - Happy Saturday!

Today I am sharing with you how I keep fit, and there's no time more motivating (for me) than Saturday morning.

Ever since my health was challenged in my late teens/early twenties, I've been pretty big on keeping my body as healthy as possible (both physically and mentally).  I went through a phase of 5x a week at the gym + walks and never eating anything high in carbs and then rebelling and eating all the pasta in the world and only working out when I felt like it (which started becoming once a fortnight if I was lucky).

But in the past few years I've found the balance.  I don't like gyms, so I quit. The machines seem so unnatural and I absolutely despise gym classes (I am motivated enough without someone telling me in an annoyingly perky voice to keep going - thanks!  I know they're not all like this but it just wasn't my thing).

So what do I do?


I work out when I feel like it, but I never miss a Monday and must intentionally work out 1 day of the weekend (I try to make sure at least one weekend workout lasts over an hour), and I aim for 5x per week (one of these might just be a walk for 30-60 minutes or if I am tired or sore, some yoga or stretching or dancing!).  I try to help out my upper body and abs in one session and lower body in another and apart from that I just make sure I get my heart pumping!

I do it all at home, even in the middle of winter, with the following;

My beloved exercise bike.  
M bought this for me a couple of birthday's ago and it is used at least 4 times a week.  I don't often sit on it for long periods of time (unless I can't be bothered working out, then I up the resistance, get my phone and catch up on emails/instagram/blogs while I sweat away).  I usually jump on it for 5 minutes, do 2 sets of weights, back on for 5 minutes, do 50 squats.. etc.  So I use it as part of a circuit.  It definitely keeps my heart rate up!  It does sort of ruin the look of my favourite place - my back room, but I don't care. If I stick it in the garage I know I won't use it as much as I do now (if I get a larger home one day I will definitely have a dedicated gym room).

My bucket of goodies which hides behind my door.
1 yoga mat (I also keep one outside for outdoor use)
2 x sets of weights.
1 skipping rope (I also have to go outside for this)
Varied resistance bands.
Having it just behind the door and easy to access eliminates the whole 'oh I can't be bothered getting it out' thing.  I need to beef up this kit (I need some heavier weights and want some ankle weights to intensify some of the moves I do) but I haven't got around to it yet.

So why is she now showing me her rug?  You say..
This is an Eco Outdoor Rug (you can buy them here or Google 'Eco Outdoor Rugs')
It is made from 100% recycled plastic bags, is cheap and is super easy to clean (by wiping in or taking it outside for a hose down).
I needed my room to be a pretty place to relax and a place to work out and this 'rug' lets me lay a yoga mat on it, walk around in my runners, sweat .. and it's fine.  It's also fabulous for my kitties as they can roam freely in here (if you've had cats you know how they can get their claws and fur into carpet!).

This is my bathroom and it's mirror
(and my stomach)
Sometimes, work out in front of the mirror (for me, the bathroom mirror is the largest).
If you've never seen a personal trainer or been to a gym, or even if you have, the mirror is super useful for checking yourself out and making sure your form is correct.  I really recommend seeing a PT or meeting with a gym trainer at least once to learn how to move correctly if you're going to work out at home.
Poor form and lifting weights or even doing squats in the wrong way not only means you may not be getting the full benefit from a move, but you might hurt yourself!
So see a professional at least once to get it right, and don't be scared to work out in front of a mirror (at least some of the time).
(Even if your fiance, like mine, makes fun of you every single time you do it).

How do you keep fit?
Do you have a setup at home?
Or do you already have an active job? (or an active set of children!)

Working at a desk all day I go a bit feral if I don't get some movement into my day, so I crave my work outs and get really mad if they're disturbed (just ask M!)

Happy Weekend!

Nat x


  1. I'm a gym class person. It's within walking distance of my home so I've got no excuses. I go to the gym 5 times a week - 2 Body Balance classes, 1 Attack, 1 Pump, and usually a half hour run on the treadmill, just because that's what's on the timetable and suits my schedule. I like having a routine because I just go and do it without thinking about it. I walk everywhere too, including to work. I've just got a Jawbone UP24 band for my birthday so I'm enjoying tracking my steps and sleep and trying to meet those goals (gaming my life!). It's hard to meet the step goal (you can set your own but I've just got it as the default 10k steps for now), even with walking being my main mode of transport! I make an effort to go for a little walk in my lunch break, even if it's just a loop around a couple of city blocks. My weekends are my least active because that's my time to relax. A lot of the time I don't even leave the house!

    1. Hi Amelia! I love that we're all so different. I ran into a friend at the gym once and she roped me into a pump class (that's the one with the weights, right?). It was a good challenge! She swore it was the best thing ever and I'd love it but I never went back - can't dis something until you try it!
      It I had meters to measure my activity I'd get obsessed and go insane, I know I would. I definitely like a no-leaving-the-house Sunday!

  2. Hi Nat, you have a pretty good set routine! It's good that you have a little space that you can do your work out and love your goodies basket!!

    J has a set up at home in the garage and sometimes I try and use it but he always says ill break my back hahaha.

    I am kind of similar to you in relation to just being able to find a balance in the last couple of years. I've always been extreme - Hardly eating - gym 6 days a week (maybe twice a day) and then doing absolutely nothing and eating like shiz! However these days I always make sure I make time for the gym because it makes me feel so much better mentally - Even if I eat something that isn't exactly the healthiest, because i'm quite active I know that it could be worse. My partner goes to Crossfit every morning (which is next to my work and my gym) and has a 6am session.So, If I don't wake up and go to the gym with him, that means I have to catch the train - so that is a huge motivator for me hahaahah. I usually do Yoga, Body Pump and Grit Strength. We aim for 5x a week but I also ride my bike to work sometimes (around 15-17ks depending on which way I want to go). I want to lose weight though, so in the last week i've tried to cut down the cr*ap on the weekends as it was just becoming defeatist! Hopefully it will start working lol... I just need some discipline!

    Actually, talking about it on a monday morning made me feel more motivated, thank you very much! Haha.

    - KK x

    1. Hi KK!
      We have a triple garage and M still won't let me set up a gym in it! Total boy zone (and he's not as into fitness as I am).
      Crossfit at 6am? Bravo! I bow to you. I can do it in summer, but getting up that early in Winter to work out just does not work for me. I am the same, I work really hard so having a bit of something not so healthy - I really don't care. The only food I really do try to avoid is refined sugar as it ust makes me feel so terrible.
      I am googling grit strength as I've never heard of it...
      I am in awe of your routine! Especially the cycling. Well done!
      Stay tuned as I am sure I will post plenty of healthy recipes here.. I love to cook!
      You're so welcome, thank you for stopping by! x