Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Every Wednesday morning I am a bit over it all already, especially in Winter when I can't get out after work and feel some sunshine on my skin.  

But this morning instead of complaining about the cold, the 6am alarm, the lack of vitamin D, the wind, the coughing commuters and colleagues and the lack of motivation to go out, I am trying to remember to... 

Some of my favourite little things are;

- Rain falling on my home's steel roof as I'm falling asleep
- A glass of wine on the couch with M and some bad TV
- Cuddles from kitties at 6am
- My morning plunger coffee with a dash of full cream milk (yum!)
- Warm roasted vegetables at dinner
- That feeling right after you've finished a work out and you flop on the floor
- Fresh sheets on the bed
- Writing in this blog for myself
- Green tea.  Lots and lots of green tea
- Spotting doggies when I walk or drive who always remind me to be happy and excited for every day!

Happy Wednesday & for those who love summer as much as I do, we are well and truly over half way through winter, so listen to that rain fall while you can!

Nat x


  1. I agree with you on these little things, like fresh sheets, ahh nothing better than just doing the lundry and hopping in it, and warm hugs from pets :D

  2. Do interesting, because right now it is raining here in Caracas, Venezuela, while I am reading your post, with a big mug of herbal tea! have fun and enjoy.

    1. Sounds interesting, I did the wrong type! :)

    2. I think rain in Venezuela might feel warmer than rain in Melbourne 😜