Saturday, August 2, 2014


This time next year, after 13 years with my absolute best friend, I will be his Mrs.

He proposed in the wee hours of New Years Day this year.  I was seriously shocked, I did not expect it at all (after this long, I did not expect it ever).  I was never the kind of girl that dreamed of a wedding... I didn't know where to start and avoided the whole planning thing for ages ("after America!" I kept saying).  But now, with venues, photographer, celebrant, music and my dress (my dresssss) locked in, and my beautiful friend T's wedding coming up later this year (how fun it is to be engaged at the same time as one of my most precious friends), I am starting to get excited.

I won't talk about the specifics of our day here as it's going to be a small gathering and I want it to be a surprise to all of our nearest and dearest, but I am sure I will bother everyone's eyes with way too much 'inspo' and wedding pinterest results.

We have everything big locked in, but I am super not looking forward to all the details - I just can't wait to be introduced by M as his wife.  Oh what a feeling..

13 years later and I honestly still feel like the 15 year old girl who missed him when he went to rowing practice on a Thursday afternoon.  Just so happy and so lucky.

So who else is getting married?

Anything you're stuck on?

The dress, music and food are the most important elements for me (apart from becoming Mrs. and the family being there which is all that really matters).  The only thing I think I'll have trouble with is the flowers but I'm sure that'll change once I speak to a florist..

Stay tuned and would love to hear about your plans or or what you loved about your wedding day!

Nat x


  1. I cannot wait to see your wedding plans!
    Congrats again missy x

  2. I just got married in April. We had two weddings- one in Melbs and the other in America. They couldn't have been more different and more fun. Fresh advise: Keep in mind that the day goes so fast. So make sure to enjoy every second of what you have. Also, remember that everyone there is so happy and excited, and they don't always realize when you need a break. Don't stretch yourself, and try to get away for a quiet moment every now and then. It definitely helps for photos so you don't look frazzled. Have fun!

    1. Everyone says the day goes fast - that scares me! We're having a pretty small wedding (50 odd people) so I'm hoping it won't be too taxing. We're going for a big family dinner feel at a gorgeous intimate venue. Still so much to plan! x