Friday, August 1, 2014


Happy Friday everybody.  Also, happy August.

The eighth month already... wow.

How was your week?

Mine has been really busy.  I am really tired and can feel myself getting a bit run down.  Not quite a cold, but the whole 'throat's a bit sore at night and sinuses hurt' deal.  Work has been busy in that way where I've had to think a lot for 2 weeks, which is good!  But tiring.  I want wine most nights.  Red wine, just the bottom of a glass, every night.

Plus I found out yesterday I need a wisdom tooth 'pretty urgently' pulled.  I am not a good dental patient at the best of times, so this isn't sitting well with me.  I don't feel relaxed because I am all, 'yes, but you need a wisdom tooth pulled.. you can't relax knowing that!'.  I'm not booked in yet, I'll think about it after the weekend.

How much do you want to curl up on this bed all weekend and watch the rain?

So perfect.

It's so cold in Melbourne right now.  It was OK a couple of days ago and 19 degrees... now it is freezing.  1 month of winter left.

I hope you all have a beautiful relaxing weekend.

.. and if you have any comforting words or advice on wisdom tooth removal, send them my way.

Nat x

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