Monday, August 4, 2014


I am currently completely obsessed with tiny houses after watching an awesome doco on Netflix about a guy who built one.

They're not practical for everyone - I don't think I could live with M in a tiny house and never with children/a family, but so much of what they represent appeals to me.

Despite the blog name, I hate actual 'stuff'. I can't stand clutter or too many belongings.  When I traveled earlier this year everyone told me how much I would buy.  I really didn't.  I can't really bring myself to buy something I already own and only need one of (like shoes for exercise, or a camera).  It just seems wasteful and silly.   I'm not a very good shopper as a result!  I'd make a totally terrible fashion blogger.  I find giving things away and throwing things out incredibly relaxing.  I don't like too much in my wardrobe or pantry or house, and if I've had a stressful day or week, or am trying to make a big decision, I clean and de-clutter.  I have to, it's my natural reaction.

We own a small-ish 3 bedroom house.  It has an en suite and separate bathroom - it's not a tiny house by any measure, but it's not at all big.  Of course M will have a say, but I will never seek a 5 bedroom 2 living area kind of house (if we have children).  It's just so unnecessary.  I really love the challenge of keeping all your belongings neatly in a smaller space, being forced to be organised and smart.  

I wasn't always like this.  I used to love to shop, love lots of shoes and clothes and options for bed linen.  I changed as I got older.  When I see giant walk in robes crammed with neatly stacked shoes and clothing and handbags on the internet and people wishing they had that?  I couldn't think of anything worse.
I am a 1 handbag and 1 clutch kind of girl.  Really.  I just don't get it.

Anyone else with me?

I am blabbing.
Let's see tiny houses!

 Maybe I will create a tiny house as a holiday home one day.

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  1. I'm with you on wanting less clutter. With a potential move to SF in the near future (by the way, I finally got off my butt and submitted some job applications this weekend!), we will actually be looking at living in a tiny space. Probably a studio or at most a one bedroom apartment. And I'm fine with it. I'd be happy to have less 'stuff'! Since this idea of moving has been in our minds for years now I've slowly been decluttering and I don't miss any of it. Every purchase I make now, even things like new jars of spices (which can take a while to get through), I ask myself 'Do I need this? Can I make do without it? Can I use something else instead?'

    1. Yay for submitting job apps 😊 SF is a massively expensive city to live is so I'd definitely be in a 1 bedder there too but I'd love the challenge! I am always like that with my wardrobe.. 'do I really need this?'. I've lived in the same 3 jumpers all winter and I don't care! X

  2. That would be by far, the most amazing little holiday house!

    1. 100% ! I have a fantasy of finding a cheap shack in the bush and converting it! X