Saturday, August 16, 2014


I'm always late to take up technology, but last year was the year of the upgrade for me - my 1994 commodore got swapped for a sparkly brand new car.  My non-touch screen phone was traded in for an S4 (the best and brand newest at the time, so unlike me!), and I discovered the land of Instagram and Whatsapp.

Despite this, and despite my friend L promoting it's features and encouraging me to just give it a go, I never got into Pinterest.

Last week, that changed.

Who would have known that folding magazine page corners is not the only way to be able to go back to beautiful images you want to refer to later for inspiration? (apart from everyone but me).  Insane.

So.. do you Pinterest?
I'd love to stalk your boards...

The only thing I'm not great at is making my own comments on each image. 

Does anyone do that?

And now, some of my favourite pins so far...

Perfect mix of earthy and modern.
(Have I mentioned I love interiors??)

Although M & I have done a lot of work on our back yard (there was nothing when we got here, well, there was a mud pit), we still have a long way to go.  I adore beautiful backyards that are not too structured and look as cosy as the inside of a beautiful home with little surprises and gorgeous places to sit and read a big or just get a new view of your property (this was done so well at McAlpine House in Broome where I stayed last year).  So many great gardens on Pinterest.

From childhood I have always loved sleeping close to the floor - mattresses on the floor give me the best nights sleep.
Sadly M thinks I am mad, so we do not have a mattress on the floor.

I'm a big fan of exposing either legs or arms in it's extreme form.  Nothing better than a tiny skirt or shorts and a jumper, or long, preferably loose-fitting pants and a cami.
I'm not super huge on style stalking but I loved this.

I'm a total loser and love reminding myself through prints that I really do have an amazing life and that nothing is all that bad.  

A few metres of sheer fabric and I could totally make this window covering.

Hope to see you on Pinterest and if not, I'm sure I'll be using a few of my pins here in posts to come..

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