Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Last weekend M took me out to Fitzroy for lusty furniture window shopping (I'm looking at you, Mark Tuckey) and finally eating at Jimmy Grants and trying Australia's best Gelato.  We also dude a huge amount of walking through the streets which I love as it reminds me of being on holiday. 

Nothing like exploring your home city as if you were a visitor.  

If I made this photo any bigger you'd see the extreme frown-lineage.
What IS that?
Stop concentrating so hard, Natalie.
I swear it's not usually there...
Hello, late twenties.

As an only-seafood eater (some say pescetarian), I got the prawn option.

Don't let this crappy photo fool you - it was amazing.
Does anyone have a recipe for the amazing kebab/souvlaki bread you get in places like this?

So good.

I had a sip of this as I never drink soft drink - it was tasty.

I was so distracted by the amazingness of eating the Gelato that I took only this photo.
You just have to go.

Amazing street art in and around Fitzroy.

Plus more proof that if you're looking for a fashion blog, you have come to the wrong place.

Melbourne has so many gorgeous little 'burbs.  I work right near Seddon and adore walking the streets there too.  One day I should snap it... maybe even with a camera rather than my phone (!!).

If you haven't tried Gelato Messina yet and you like ice cream, you HAVE to go.  If you have already been - what was your favourite flavour?

I got coconut & lychee and the amaretto and fig jam one.
M got white chocolate and salted caramel (which won our best of what we bought) and Bounty.

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