Tuesday, August 19, 2014


The problem with not liking too much stuff and keeping things minimal is that everything becomes a big purchase, so for over 6 months I've been looking for a new bag... but I can't find one I like.  Anywhere.

The closest I can get to something I like is that one on the bottom left from J Crew, and even then, it's not love.

The rest - PinkGoldBlack, Pattern.

Any tips on where to look for bags or are they just all terrible at the moment?

I won't ever spend a fortune on a hand bag, so Net a Porter will not be the solution to my problem.

Anyone know any amazing handbag creator on Etsy?  I can hardy be bothered searching anymore.


  1. I have the Rib & Hull Heirloom carry all in Oxblood. It's amazing, and I think on Etsy as well - I got mine on sale.

    I'm with you though, so so hard to find the perfect bag, I've been searching for literally years and still haven't found the one that I want.

    Good luck with the search!


    Instagram: @jodi_a

    1. Jodi I love that bag! Thank you - definitely on the short list. I'd pretty much get it right now if it wasn't for a little part of my brain telling me to get a smaller bag so I stop carrying everything. How did I never see Rib & Hull? Proof I am not looking very hard.

  2. I actually came across it on Pinterest and repined it. You probably have noticed that on Pinterest heaps of the pics you love don't link back to anywhere and don't credit the designer or store. My original pin didn't so I just left it there as inspiration, but I was on a blog a few months back and coincidentally the blogger had mentioned Rib & Hull and I am pretty sure I almost cried with happiness.

    The carry all that I have is pretty massive, I'm thinking of getting the tote which is a bit smaller in black. I will say though that I have made a real effort over the last couple of weeks to only carry around my phone, wallet, glasses, keys, lipgloss, pen and iPad if required. So far so good - the bag is almost empty but nice to have the option if I do need take more with me.

    I look forward to seeing what you end up deciding on!