Sunday, August 17, 2014


So I'm guessing anyone that already has an interest in tiny houses already frequents Small House Bliss.  

Just a few images I adored for a Sunday morning....

This place on a hot Summer night.  Yes please.

From when I was 8 years old until I was about 17, I wanted to be an architect so much.  I had books and books of floor plans I'd done, programs for building houses on the computer (archaic by today's standards).  I had samples of materials and wrote myself client briefs.  I gave up when I realised how hard I'd have to study in year 12 to get in (and threw everything out.  I know, silliness).  Even though one of my total bffs is an architect and I have seen how insanely hard she had to work to get there and how hard she now works to earn money from it, I still regret that decision.  

Though I guess there's nothing really stopping me learning to build a tiny house from retired containers now (would have to be container as my full time work is as a supply chain manager - oh what fun!).  Well, apart from no where to build it.

All images from the gorgeous Small House Bliss 

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