Sunday, August 24, 2014


Last week was a pretty quiet and boring one for me.  Last Friday (9 days ago now, it seems like yesterday) I had some pretty big dental work that left me in a bit of pain and then with terrible sinus pressure headaches for a few days.  It resulted in a couple of days off work and a serious amount of watching 'Orange is the new Black' (addicted).  By Thursday I was almost as good as new and now I just have a dull ache.  Let me just say one thing - if you get a root canal, get a crown!  Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.  Ever.

Onto my week through Insta..

This was Monday morning..  I was feeling pretty terrible and the gorgeous Munro would not get off me.  Purring and cuddles galore.  Nothing better.

I think this was on Thursday when I was finally feeling good and the sun was out!  Miracle!  Nothing changes my mood like the sun being out.  I seriously am a different person in winter compared to summer.  I try not to be but I am.  I'm a bitch in winter.

... So of course on Saturday when it was 21 degrees (!!) I was outside half the day on the lawn with food and magazines and a beach towel.  As it should be.
Though at 3pm it got pretty cool and I was forced in.  Not to worry...

.. as on Saturday night M and I joined his family for my sister-in-law's birthday.  Oh to be 25 again!  We ate at The Third Wave in Port Melbourne which, especially for my 'pescetarian' self, did not look promising.  But I was pleasantly surprised - that may have been the best salmon I have ever eaten.  Just perfect.

This morning involved serious amounts of berries to recover from the Mars Bar birthday cake that followed last night's meal.  More sunshine - very promising for the last week of winter (hip hip..)

And then today I worked on a vineyard out country which was relaxing but also incredibly tiring!  The huge amount of berries didn't fuel me for very long and we got home just in time for The Block, some beer and a (terrible) fish souvlaki from a local fish and chip shop (our usual was shut.  Should have had toast..).

I had an amazing weekend after a really crappy week and I hope I can carry this refreshed feeling right through Monday, despite the hundreds of things I still have to catch up on at work after time off last week.  Some early starts are calling.

Have a beautiful Monday! x

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