Monday, July 28, 2014


I'm no beauty expert, but I'm pretty confident that cold air outdoors coupled with heaters being pumped indoors isn't doing anyone's skin much good.  

This is what's working for me right now;

ASAP Daily Facial Cleanser
My awesome brow lady (who I see at her skin clinic) gave me a sample of this cleanser a couple of months ago when I was complaining about the little bumps all over my forehead.  The sample lasted 3 days of morning and night use and in those 3 days the bumps 70% disappeared.
Prior to this I had tried so many things to get rid of them (other cleansers, exfoliants, masks, toners, witch hazel - you name it, I tried it!) and nothing was working.
I bought it as soon as the sample ran out and the bumps have not reappeared.
Super highly recommend this stuff.  You only need a pea size amount for your whole face and neck so the bottle lasts forever.

Philosophy Hope in a Jar
I have no idea why, but for years I have wanted to try this moisturiser.  As soon as I stepped foot in Sephora San Francisco, this is the first thing I bought (thinking it might stop my skin going feral after such a long flight).
I am wearing this during the day under my make up and absolutely adoring it.  Absorbs in seconds and not a single sign of dryness despite insane heating in my office building.
Definitely worth the dollars!

Sodashi Rejuvenating Serum
I'm sure if you do a search on this product my name will come up.
I've always paid for this product and have no affiliation with the brand (nor do I for any of the above), but I just adore this serum.
If you love rosehip oil, it's like that, but totally suped up.
I put this on before bed at night and wake up to totally glowing skin.  This little bottle has lasted me at least 3 winters now, so I continue to buy.

With all these heavy products I do exfoliate once a week, steam my face (bowl, boiling water, large towel) and put on a clay mask just to keep everything clear.  

I used to be such a beauty junkie and it's totally faded off since I've found a passion for keeping things minimal and not having too much 'stuff' (despite the blog name), so it's nice to find things that work for me.

For reference, I have pretty normal skin, I'm very pale, and I get a dry nose and blocked up chin in winter.  I never get oily but I'd recommend the serum and especially the cleanser for those with oily skin anyway.  Maybe Hope would be a bit heavy...

What are your favourite winter skin products?

Nat x


  1. Oh nice! Sodashi products look so luxurious, a little out of my price range at the moment - but i'll treat myself one day! I have been loving oils in winter, I use rosehip oil on my face morning/evening and my scalp has been a little flaky so I've been massaging jojoba oil on and rinsing every week. Works so well! I agree though, less is more.

  2. Hey Hannah! That Sodashi oil has lasted me forever as I said above.. I go through rosehip oil much much faster so it kind of costs the same! But yes I find it difficult to fork that much out at once on one product, too. Always seems crazy.