Sunday, July 20, 2014


Despite being formally in my late twenties, I go around in life feeling like a permanent 17 year old.

The idea that I am getting married next year, despite being with M one million (..13) years, totally trips me out.

I still can't believe I have a real house with a real mortgage that I have no issues paying.

Or that I have a great, secure job that I like and people trust me to take care of an entire section of their business.  (You trust me with WHAT?)

And when friends tell me they're pregnant or planning to have kids I'm still surprised and shocked (and of course happy for them!  But like, they must be at least 10 years older than me, right?)

I look in the mirror and see the girl I saw 10 years ago.

I wonder if everyone feels like this.

Well, fear not!

If you find yourself in my position, thinking you are the same as you were 5-10 years ago, just take a look through your old digi-cam photos.

Look at that face! This was 2010.. 2010!  How did I change so much in 4 years??

I am officially growing my hair again.
I mean I am right now to have something to work with for the wedding anyway, but now it will have to continue..... look at that hair!  And I always always complained about it!??  My excellent friend T used to always tell me I was mad to complain.  Why did I not listen?

That 24yo Port Douglas Bod.  Seriously.

Old photos are totally great!

Does ANYONE else feel like way?

Cheers to at least feeling young forever..

Nat x


  1. Hey Nat, good to see you back blogging. I know how you feel, I am almost kinda late twenties and look at at photos from even 3 years ago and I am impressed with myself! haha. So remember, you are never going to be younger than your are this minute so rock it! x caitie

    1. Hi Caitlin! Thanks so much for the support x I am officially late 20s! I always so that.. and, 'I'm older now than I a now'. I don't mind, I guess, it's just scary to see it go past? And look back, and you look back knowing you had all these hang ups and seriously can't see why a few years later. Such a waste of time worrying about these things!