Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Do you like Beetroot?

I love it.  So much.
M does not.
So when M was interstate on business last week and I had 2 big fresh beets in the fridge and no motivation to cook, I make the below super easy, super healthy and for me, super yummy din.

(Disclaimer; This may be referred to as 'Natty Food' - a description invented by M to described foodstuff that only I could possibly think is yummy.  In his mind, anyway).

So what is this...


Well, it's roasted beetroots (olive oil and salt)
Roasted garlic (whole clove (don't peel!), roast with the beetroots, squeeze it out when it's done and mix through the warm beetroots)
There's butter beans (but you could use chickpeas - I think lentils would be too strong but up to you)
There's fresh dill (it's in my garden, it grows like a weed)

And there's natural yoghurt (if I had greek yoghurt or feta, I would've used that).

Do you think I'm mad?

Maybe you'd have more acceptance for it if it were made as a side or a salad.. but I am a 'let's have 2 beetroots for dinner' kind of girl.

Anyone with me?

Nat x


  1. I'm with you. I love simple meals! Beet root is awesome, and my guy doesn't like it either... Although, when we have a last minute gathering I like to whip up a quick beet root dip that I'll occasionally see him eat.
    The easy way: throw a can of drained diced beet root into a food processor with drizzled olive oil, pressed garlic, and a chunk of cream cheese. Garnish and serve in a pretty bowl with cracked pepper water crackers on the side. The ingredients are too easy to keep around.
    If you have the time, it's super nice to fancy up: stew fresh beet root and make the night before. Anyhoo, thanks for your recipe! Fresh dill is fantastic, but I can't get it to grow for the life of me. Will have to find some and try your recipe soon.

    1. Yummy super easy dip! Good way to use left over roast beets I always have! I can't get dill to stop growing pops up everywhere... you're welcome to pop by and pick some.. I can't grow coriander to save myself so you can get that going and we'll do a swap! Xx

  2. My Man HATES cooked beetroot so I always make it for me, love roasting and serving it similar this. So good! Simplicity is da bomb. I feel so proud of simple meals